April 13, 2018

Talking CBN Turning Inserts Price

Talking CBN Turning Inserts Price

Before CBN Turning Inserts Price,what is CBN?

CBN is abbreviation of “cubic boron nitride”.Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is the second hardest material after synthetic diamond and is synthesised from hexagonal boron nitride under conditions similar to those used to produce synthetic diamond from graphite. The desirable characteristics of an abrasive include high hardness, strength, abrasion resistance, and thermal and chemical resistance, and an ability to maintain sharp cutting edges during use. These characteristics exceed the values of conventional abrasives, such as silicon carbide and aluminum oxide. In particular, the properties of high thermal stability and chemical resistance make it suitable for machining ferrous materials, an area where synthetic diamond abrasives are not normally employed.

CBN Inserts is is a competitive business.there are various price for same type CBN Inserts.price range is about 7 to 27 USD/pcs.for many reseller,they always get about 10 USD/PCS.because they don’t want to buy bad quality products and also want to get more profits.

Back to CBN Inserts price,why are there so many different price?

1.Material is the key.for 7 to 12 USD/PCS,they are using Unknown brand CBN material.for carbide base,they are using recycle resources.as you know,manufacturer need processing for inserts’s angle and CNC cutting for basement.there is precision issue.

PCD Inserts Price

For 18 to 27 USD/PCS,those manufacturers are using band CBN material.(Such as E6,DI,Mitsubishi and so on)

CCGW32.51 CCGW09T304 CBN Diamond Tools

Someone may ask me”where do you get those?”.

If you want to know about CBN Turning Inserts Price.then you should know “how to make CBN Inserts?”



Of course!price is one of reference.

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