October 11, 2017

Slugger Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools

Slugger Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools

According to their manufacturing methods or bond types, diamond tools can be categorized to the many ways.please allow us to introduce Slugger Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools manufacturing methods.

  • High-temperature brazed diamond tools: This tool is made by brazing a single layer of diamonds onto the tool via a solder at a temperature of over 900 °C. This tool is a newly developed product. Its manufacture uses technologies include vacuum brazing and atmosphere-protected brazing. This tool has several advantages: the solder can hold the diamonds very firmly, the single layer of diamonds’ exposed height can be 70%–80% of their sizes and the diamonds can be regularly arranged on the tool.

Vacuum welding machine

We are using vacuum brazing machine for making sure high strength adhesive property of diamond.that’s why our quality of Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools is much better than others.

Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools are used in the following domains:

  • Geological or project exploration: Diamond geological drill bits, diamond oil drill bits and diamond thin-wall drill bits are often used. The main application of PCD drilling bits is in the oil and natural gas industries and the mining industry.
  • Stone processing: Diamond circular saw blades, diamond gang saws, diamond band saws are used to saw marble, granite and other stone blocks. Diamond wire saws are used in stone quarries to exploit raw stone blocks. Shaped diamond tools are used to process stone to a particular shape. Resin-bonded diamond polishing pads are used to polish stone.
  • Construction: Medium or small sized diamond saw blades, diamond core drill bits, and some diamond grinding or polishing tools are often used in repairing roads, remodeling buildings, and processing building materials.
  • Woodworking: Composite laminate flooring is widely used. It is wearable as stone. PCD circular saw blades, profiling cutter, twist drill bits, and other diamond tools are used in its processing.
  • Auto spare parts processing: PCD and PCBN cutting tools are used to meet the high efficiency and low deviation processing requirements in this domain.
  • IT and home appliance products processing: High-precision super-thin diamond cutting wheels are used to cut silicon slices. Resin-bonded diamond grinding wheels are used to process ceramics in the optical fiber industry.
  • Engineering ceramics processing: Engineering ceramics are widely used in many industries. They have the properties of high toughness, high hardness, high-temperature resistance. High-toughness and durable diamond grinding wheels are developed to process them.
  • Carbide tools and other mechanical tools processing: Diamond tools are used to gain high processing precision and efficiency.


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