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PCD CBN Insert Manufacturer

Zhuahou Metal Tools Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of PCD, CBN, PCBN Tipped Inserts cutting tools that are used in machining materials from Cast Iron and Steels to state of the art Super Alloys and Composite Structures. our main products are Diamond Inserts, PCD inserts, CBN cutting tools, PCBN inserts, CBN Inserts, PCBN Cutting Tools, PCD Milling Inserts, PCD Milling Tools, CVD Tipped Inserts, PCD Tipped Drills, PCD Cutter, PCD Reamers.

PCD Tipped Inserts

Slugger Imported Diamond TCGW PCD Boring Inserts
Slugger E6 Imported Material CNC SNGA PCD Indexable Inserts
Slugger E6 Imported Material DNGA PCD Inserts

CBN Tipped Inserts

Slugger Element Six Diamond CNC PCBN Cutting Tools
Slugger CNC Turning Tools DNGA E6 CBN Inserts For Hard Turning
Slugger E6 Diamond CNC Indexable CBN Milling Inserts

PCD Reamers

Slugger E6 Material Customized PCD Reamer
Slugger PCD Reamer Cutting Tool
Slugger PCD Reamers For Aluminium

All of PCD, CBN, PCBN, and CVD diamond plates are imported from E6, Sumitomo, and GE. we are using Japan Vacuum Brazing technology to ensure the quality of diamond cutting tools

CNC Center

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EDM Machine

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WEDM Machine

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Laser Machine

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Vacuum welding machine

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