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Zhuzhou Metal Tools is one of the leading manufacturers for PCD Inserts with over 15 years of experience and has comprehensive types of equipment for customers’ different requirements. as a professional PCD inserts manufacture,  we can produce PCD indexable inserts, PCD reamers, PCD stick tools, PCD Endmill, Chip breaker PCD inserts, PCD lathe tools, PCD milling cutters.

Our Main Equipements – PCD Inserts Manufacturers

CNC Tool Grinding Center

CNC Tool Grinding Center

The high accurate equipment ensures the products with high precision.

Powerful surface grinder

Powerful Surface Grinder

NC tool Cutting edge honed machine

CN Tool Cutting Edge Honed Machine

The quality of cutting edge is guaranteed by our advanced honing treatment technology.

universal tool grinder

Universal Tool Grinder

laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Machine

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