PCD Cutting Tools

(Polycrystalline Diamond) PCD cutting tools is the combination of PCD cutting edge with the substrate. As one of the leading manufacturers of diamond cutting tools, Slugger can produce standard and customized diamond-tipped tools with a chip breaker. it’s one of our PCD turning tools with a chip breaker below.

Why do you need a chip breaker on the PCD turning tools?

As same as you know, when the PCD diamond-tipped tools are cutting the workpiece with continuous machining, the process will be with high temperature. if the PCD tools don’t have a chip breaker, then chips will be melt on the PCD cutting edge. it will be tearing the surface of your application and decreased the diamond tipped tools of life.

Slugger Diamond PCD Cutting Tools
Slugger PCD tipped Turning Tools with a chip breaker
Slugger PCD tipped Turning Tools with a chip breaker

Machining data

1. The material of Workpiece: Alum wheel
2. Cutting Depth ap. = 2mm-3mm
3. Cutting Speed(V=m/min) = 600sfm
4. Infeed f: = .5-.7mm
5. Roughing or finishing = Roughing
6. Coolant or not = Yes coolant
7. Surface finish requirement:Ra = Rz 6.0
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