PCD Chip Breaker Inserts

For this Slugger PCD chip breaker inserts are designed for aluminum alloy wheels with rough machining. in general, PCD tipped inserts are using for fine machining. but for this customer, they have the requirement for big cutting depth. please check the machining parameter below.

1. Cutting Depth ap. = 2mm-3mm
2. Cutting Speed(V=m/min) = 600sfm
3. In feed f: = .5-.7mm
4. Roughing or finishing = Roughing
5. Coolent or not = Yes coolant
6. Surface finish requirement:Ra = Rz 6.0
Slugger PCD Chip Breaker Inserts

If you have any requirements for PCD or CBN cutting tools with a chip breaker, please feel free to contact us.

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