Slugger PCBN Inserts

PCBN is the abbreviation of Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, the second hardest material in the world. so it’s widely used super-hard material machining. such as bearing steel, cast iron, die steel, tool steel, stellite, superalloys, and in some cases ceramic materials. PCBN cutting Inserts is one of the usages of PCBN. there are Four types we produce as showing below.

PCBN Tipped Inserts

Slugger E6 Diamond TNMG PCBN Inserts
Slugger Element Six Diamond CNC PCBN Cutting Tools
Slugger Element Six Diamond CNC PCBN Cutting Tools

PCBN Brazed Inserts

Slugger Brazed PCBN Inserts

PCBN Full Face Inserts

Slugger Full Face PCBN Inserts

PCBN Solid Inserts

Slugger Solid PCBN Inserts

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